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In 2016 YWAM is offering a special 8-month training program in Rio de Janeiro from the 11th of January to the 28th of August, in Portuguese and English:  


  • Three months of Discipleship Training School (DTS): To know God.

  • Two months of outreach: To make Him known. 

  • Three months of Children at Risk (C@R) School: Knowing and identifying with the heart of God for children, families and communities in need.

8 months that will change your life!

What is YWAM?

What is a DTS?

What is a Children at Risk (C@R) School?

You can find it all on this website!

How to apply for the program, “8 months that will change your life, RIO 2016”


Click on the button below to apply

Why Rio 2016?  The eyes of the world, and we believe also the eyes of God, are directed towards Brazil. We just had the soccer World Cup 2014, and now in 2016 over 200 nations will come to Rio de Janeiro… So come and join us.

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